Pick Up Notice


    Be sure to wait until you receive your order notification email or telephone call before going to the store.

   Can I reserve an item and have someone else pick it up?
Yes. When you’re reserving your item online, be sure to enter the other person’s contact information so the item can be reserved under their name. They will receive a notification email within 60 minutes (during store hours), after which time they can head to the store and purchase the item.

   What happens if I order an item and the price changes before I pick it up?
Once an order is confirmed by the store via email, it not only reserves the physical product for you in the  store but also the price of that product at the time of the reservation.

    This means if the price goes up between the time your order is confirmed and the time you arrive at the store, you’ll still pay the price of the item when the order was confirmed.

    If the price is lower when you get to the store, in accordance with our Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll pay the lower price.

Please note: If the price of a product is being displayed incorrectly we reserve the right to reject the sale at the incorrect price and process the sale using the correct price in accordance with our Conditions of Use.